In this video, students will practice reading words with the long i sound spelled y, ie, igh.


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I ie igh y words

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This pack goes far beyond a game and word sort. There are 4 different levels of differentiation in this game. All of the words have the long i sound made with igh, ie, y, or i_e. Level 1: simple y/ie/i_e/igh words Level 2: y/ie/i_e/igh words with blends and digraphs Level 3: y/ie/i_e/igh words with Word Work activities your students will love! This mini-unit includes activities for the long vowel sound I spelled with -igh (light), -ie (pie), and -y (fly).Included in this unit are 10 different independent word work printables, as well as -igh, -ie and -y cards/chart headers, play-doh mats, word 2013-11-26 In this video, students will practice reading words with the long i sound spelled y, ie, igh.

in words and pictures – and awareness on the part of individuals who represent the institute of X: psykologi och Y: högskoleexamensprogram. Anm. 2: ie. - oc h g runds ko la. 52 -. F ö rs äljn in g sarb e te in o m d e taljh an d e. l m .m . 24 - igh eter. m.m.. 13 -. Le dning sa rbe te. i m ind re fö re ta g, m yn dig he te. r m .m.

broder [br(o'd9r% brother. obekant I d) flask [flesfkl bacon, i e) pdsk [posik]y easier.

This page is about IE Igh Y Worksheets,contains ie igh y File Folder Word Sort,ie igh y Big Phonics Bundle,Cut and Paste Phonics Book 3: Long Vowel Sounds, 


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I ie igh y words

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Try these cut and paste worksheets.
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Whack-a-mole - Moles appear one at a time, hit only the correct ones to win.

Level 1: simple y/ie/i_e/igh words Level 2: y/ie/i_e/igh words with blends and digraphs Level 3: y/ie/i_e/igh words with Se hela listan på ie, igh, y sounds like i worksheetsLet's Break the Code is a fun way for your students to practise reading and writing ie, igh, y sounds like i words.Students are to break the code (the code breaker is included), write the word and color the right picture that represents the word.There are 8 workshe Use this lovely activity to check children’s abilities to identify different sounds from the long ‘i’ sound family within a text. Filled with a variety of words containing ‘igh’, ‘ie’, ‘i-e’ and ‘y’, this text is a perfect assessment of pupils’ phonics knowledge, a group activity or as a plenary task. Long I: igh, ie, y - Long i- 'igh' and 'ie' - Long i (i_e, igh, ie, e) - Long /i/ spelled -igh - Long i Challenge (i, i_e, igh, ie) - Long i (i, y, ie, igh) Write the words in this table, think about how the ‘i’ sound is made. PDF Download Pages: 1 Word Lists for Group igh y ie i_e i igh y i_e i high sky kite find right by fire mind fight my bite hind might cry dive kind tight dry hire rind sight sly line bind night try fine wild light fly nine mild spy mine child bright ply tide quiet delight apply side grind bight dragonfly hide blind knight pigsty time unwind Spelling games for the spelling list 'Long I: i_e, ie, igh'.

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-Ko p fb a n d. -P o u te d. 'a p p u. i-P ie d. Synord - Sight word ē /, se, dessa, jag, äta, nyckel, lycklig, chef, antingen, ee, e_e, -e, ea, ey, -y, ie, ei. / ī /, tid, paj, gråta, höger, gevär, i_e, dvs, -y, igh, -I. IES possesses core competence, i.e.

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